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  • Allowing every Student a chance to do Coding Internship.
  • Asking Industry Professionals to make Problem statements.
  • Each problem statement is contributed by one or more Industry expert.

8 Weeks (280 hours)

    UI/UX Coding Internship

  • Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

  • Framework: Bootstrap

  • You'll get to build look-alike frontends of popular websites like Medium, Tutorialspoint, Hotstar, Opexx, Ubereats, Boat (Earphones) & Udemy.

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4 Weeks (140 hours)

    Hybrid (Angular) Web Application Coding Internship

  • Languages: HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript

  • Framework: Angular

  • You'll get to build look-alike Web & Mobile Apps for Samsung, PayTm Mall, Tutorialspoint elearning, Lifebuoy and many more.

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2 Weeks (70 hours)

    Python-Django Coding Internship

  • Language: Python

  • Framework: Django

  • You'll get to build a popular blogging site like Medium and Shopping Cart as on Amazon.

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2 Weeks (70 hours)

    Data Analysis using Pandas & scikit-learn

  • Language: Python

  • Libraries: Pandas, scikit-learn, TensorFlow

  • You will get to learn the entire process of data Analysis where by you would conclude to accept or reject a Hypothesis.

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2 Weeks (70 hours)

    Building Chatbots for Business using Google ML Engine

  • Language: Python

  • Technology : Google ML engine called DialogFlow ( formerly )

  • In this Coding Internship we are going to learn how to build natural conversational experiences using bots and how to teach a bot to understand our natural language and make it do tasks for us from a single interface.

  • You would code Chat-bots for Online Ordering App like Zomato and for a Diagnostic center like SRL-labs.

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2 Weeks (70 hours)

    Building simple Financial Applications using Java

  • Language: Java (Oracle Java Standard Edition JDK8)

  • IDE : NetBeans 8.0 or Eclipse Photon

  • You would get an opportunity to code two Java Desktop Applications approximating 2500 LOC using swing library for the GUI.

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